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NAME: Sipara Nzinga

TROLLTAG: activatingAggro

AGE: 8 sweeps / ~18-ish.

CASTE: Brown cusp, rust hue - refers to herself exclusively as a 'rustblood', the derogatory term for burgundy and browns.

GENDER: Female.

SIGN: Akhilleus, ward of Phoenix.

LUSUS: Firebird. Firefinch/sunbird mix small enough to fit into her palm that produces psionic flames.

QUIRK: All lower-case, proper grammar, all r's are followed by an n, frequently uses abbreviations and short-hand. When pissed, will drop the quirk entirely.

Anywhere and everywhere that is cheap. She travels between cities, and has no permanent hive.

STRIFEKIND: Fistkind. When wearing her bioaugmentations, she has strength similar to a ceruleanblood, but without the durability.

Genetic sequencing.

PSIONICS: N/A. Sipara is a complete flatscan, with no psionics or psychic abilities to speak of, and the psychic weakness characteristic of her caste. When in professional fights, she uses bioaugmentative grubs to hook into her wetware ports, and increase her strength.

Highly, highly aggressive. Would start a fight with an open door! She's mostly verbally aggressive, though, and getting her to actual physical aggression can be a chore - Sipara is a trained fighter who wears prosthetics that enhance her strength on top of that, and she's very aware of that. It doesn't make much sense to punch someone when a punch to the face can kill!

Along the same lines, she's super, painfully social. Fighting is fun when it's not fatal! Just being around people is fun, frankly. Would start a conversation with said open door after the fight and then proceed to hit on them for shits and giggles, regardless of the fact they are a fucking door and are incapable of reciprocating. Complete extrovert, draws energy off of others: unfortunately, spends most of her time working when she's not training for a fight, so she mostly gets her interaction online.

If you're not her or her moirail, she really just does not give a fuck about you beyond immediately ensuring she's not going to kill you. Has severe difficulties building attachments to others: easiest way to get her interest is through reminding her of Pheres, or some other ex-clademate (of the few that she can still tolerate). This, plus her really outgoing personality, means that others tend to build attachments to her a lot faster than she does, and she has no moral qualms about exploiting the fuck out of these connections. If you start thinking of Sipara as a close friend and she finds out, she will use and abuse it with only the slightest guilt. TERRIBLE PERSON.

When she actually gets close to someone, that's it, game over: she's permanently attached to them, and good luck getting her to change her mind! She's fiercely protective over the kids she likes, to what can come across as an alarming degree: she will murder people if she thinks they're dangerous or especially threatening to her quadrants, and she has no compunctions about making this known. She's an all-or-nothing kind of girl, if she actually decides to take things seriously: she and Pheres are not especially suited to being moirails, but they are moirails, and both view themselves as paletrothed, til death do them apart.

If she doesn't decide to take things seriously, uh, TERRIBLE PERSON ALERT. Sipara isn't big on drinking or drugs, but she is big on physical sensation: she flirts with 99% of people, and if she likes your face, then she has no cumpunctions about making out or sleeping with someone, available quadrants or not. She won't sustain it! Relationships are not her thing, and while she's heavily devoted to her moirail, all of her other quadrants have always ended up rapidly dumped as soon as she loses interest. Which, uh, is generally about a week, when they're no longer the Exciting New Thing.

Intensely dislikes highbloods. Very self-aware of the hemospectrum, and resents her place in it: she doesn't know much about former revolutions or history, but she knows this shit is jacked up, and she violently struggles against it in every way that she can. Mostly, this has been through keeping her fights with mid-to-highbloods: her high number of wins and her preference to publically humiliating her opponents has won her a shit-ton of hate and cull-threats from hemoloyalists, and is likely not helping her future post-Conscription.

Lately, this has been through figuring out means of extending the rustblood lifespan, out of the belief that - if they had longer lives to match highbloods - the advantage of psionics would win out over blueblood durability. She does this through a lot of different methods: self-experimentation on herself, reading old books on physiology, performing experimental surgeries to remove or amplify psionics in others, as she believes that that is somehow the key difference between the two castes.

As the time for Pheres's conscription gets closer and closer, and subsequently his likely input into an engine hub, she's gotten a lot more malicious in trying to figure out the how and why of it, and her research has turned less internal and voluntary, and more towards doing whatever she needs to in order to find something that might work.

HOBBIES: FiduSpawn, music, biology, fighting, revolutions and modern-day means of revolt.


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